Chairman Priebus Predicts More DNC Emails To Come: ‘I Think This Is Just The Beginning’

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Chairman of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus, believes that it’s just the beginning for WikiLeaks and DNC emails.

“They ought to be prepared for more excitement in the e-mail world this week,” Priebus boldly stated to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Monday afternoon in Philadelphia. Chairman Priebus explained that he had some experience with this sort of thing, and explained that, “They normally don’t deliver every shot they have in one blow.” Priebus went on to say, “They usually do it one at a time and they’ll do it through a thousand cuts, and that’s been my experience in these kinds of situations.”

Mitchell spent a majority of the interview asking Priebus if the RNC had been hacked, and even went as far as to suggest that if they had not been hacked, does that mean that the Russians are trying to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Mitchell said, “If you guys were hacked also, then they’re just trying to mess with all of our heads. But if you guys were not hacked, that does point a finger to the Russians trying, with your knowledge or anybody else’s knowledge or not, trying to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump, someone who has actually praised Vladimir Putin.”

Priebus shrugged off the notion that the Russians were working to elect Donald Trump and kept the focus on the contents of the leaked emails. When Mitchell exclaimed, “I mean, Reince, the suspicion is that Russia, our adversary, is trying to tip the election in favor of Donald Trump,” Priebus responded by saying “The Russians didn’t write the emails. The DNC wrote the e-mails and they were the ones committing the fraud against Bernie Sanders.”

Mitchell continued to inquire, “Why didn’t they go after the Republicans too?” Priebus responded, “Well, maybe they did and we have a better system at the Republican Party. Maybe our folks are better at securing our e-mail than the DNC.” Priebus declared, “I can assure you if someone hacked my e-mails, they wouldn’t find me calculating against particular candidates and it’s not something that I would do.”

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