Limbaugh: Democrats Are ‘Baby Butchers,’ ‘Sharia Muslims’ [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh said that Donald Trump should declare the Democratic Party is the party of “baby butchers” and “Sharia Muslims.”

On The Rush Limbaugh Show Tuesday, the conservative radio host shared his idea for an addendum to Trump’s speech suggesting, “[J]ust list who the Democrats are: Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, pro-death panels, baby butchers!”

Limbaugh continued, “A candidate who violated the Espionage Act thousands of times, sexual predators, pedophiles, illegals, Sharia Muslims, Marxists.”

“That’s the Democrat Party today. That’s who votes for them; that’s who the Democrats defend,” Limbaugh insisted, “And then, after listing the various constituencies of the Democrat Party — ’cause that’s who they are now. I mean, the Democrats used to have white, working-class males. Trump owns them now. Another Big Labor union came out and endorsed Trump. They’re losing the old faction of constituency groups and they’ve got a new group.”

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