Progressive Press: NY Times Conspiring With TheDCNF To Attack Green Energy


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An editor at left-leaning blog ThinkProgress implied in a recent article that The New York Times and The Daily Caller News Foundation are in cahoots to support of nuclear power and trash green energy.

Joe Romm, the founding editor of ClimateProgress, wrote a lengthy screed implying The New York Times pushes nuclear power to sell ads. Romm even claims this reporter is part of the Times’ nuclear conspiracy.

“The Times piece is the kind of nonsense you would expect to see on an ultra-conservative website with the headline ‘There Are Serious Problems With Wind And Solar,” Romm wrote Monday, referring to a recent TheDCNF article published on The Daily Caller.

“Still, it’s probably just a coincidence that the ultra-conservative Daily Caller website repackaged the Times piece with that headline,” Romm wrote, using a DCNF article as one of several examples to bolster his theory the nuclear industry is pulling the strings.

“OK, on closer inspection, it does not appear to be a coincidence that, for a long time now, ridiculous stories dissing renewables and favoring nukes have been the norm,” Romm wrote, referencing blog posts he made attacking NY Times stories from as long ago as 2009.

The NY Times reportedly told Romm its “editorial decisions are completely independent of any advertising business.” It also noted “the paid post you mention is an advertisement.” ThinkProgress never reached out TheDCNF for comment.

Romm and ThinkProgress did not immediately respond to requests for comment from TheDCNF.

ThinkProgress attacked a NY Times article —reported on by TheDCNF — citing Germany’s negative experience with green energy. TheDCNF has repeatedly reported on Germany’s negative experience with green energy. The NY Times pointed out that lucrative subsidies for wind and solar power are driving down the production of nuclear energy, eliminating the largest source of electricity that doesn’t create carbon dioxide.

Germany’s government even plans to replace most of its wind and solar subsidies with a system of competitive auctions where the cheapest electricity wins. Additionally, The average German pays about four times as much for electricity as the average American due to intense fiscal support and the decommissioning of numerous nuclear reactors.

In light of Germany’s experience with wind and solar power, other countries might “do well to reconsider the promise and the limitations of its infatuation with renewable energy,” the NY Times article continued.

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