TBS Apologizes For Comparing Hillary Clinton To A Laughing Hyena

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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TBS has apologized after the network posted a video on its Twitter account comparing Hillary Clinton to a hyena.

HIllary Clinton hyena

(Photo: Shutterstock, Getty Images)

“Move over Donkey!” the caption — alongside a video that compared Clinton’s laugh to the zoo animal — read. “There’s a new mascot in town. #ImWithHyena.”

The video has now been removed from Twitter and YouTube. (RELATED: More Viewers Tuned In For The First Night Of The DNC Than The RNC)

(Photo: Twitter screenshot)

(Photo: Twitter screenshot)

“This post was obviously a poor attempt at humor and has been taken down,” the network said in a statement on Tuesday. “Moving forward we’ll leave political satire to professionals like Samantha Bee.”

Bee, a comedian for the network, told them to “delete their account” after TBS posted the video. She later deleted her critical tweet. (RELATED: Michelle Obama Takes A Shot At ‘Make America Great Again’)