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The Russians Definitely Didn’t Leak Those DNC E-Mails, And It’s Okay If They Did Because #MAGA

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I don’t trust the Russians. I didn’t trust them when Hillary Clinton was pushing that stupid “reset” button with them, and I don’t trust them now that it looks like they’re stabbing her right in the server.

ABC News:

It was the keyboards that gave them away. Russian hackers, typing on keyboards configured in Cyrillic and doing it in a time zone consistent with Moscow, created the “eloquent” code that breached the computers of the Democratic National Committee, according to a top analyst who investigated the hack.

“This was absolutely not an amateur operation … When you look at the totality of all those pieces and you put them together, it kind of paints a really good picture of who the actor was,” Michael Buratowski, the senior vice president of cybersecurity services at Fidelis Cybersecurity, told ABC News Monday…

Buratowski said IP addresses linked to the attack were associated with Russian servers. A U.S. official said that it appeared that the hackers never worked on Russian holidays.

Hello, my fellow Amerikanski comrade. I am lovingk the Donald Trump very most, da? Make Putin Great Again, I mean America! Nasdrovia!

Apparently I’m not supposed to worry about this. After all, it hurts Hillary Clinton, and it sends a humiliated Debbie Wasserman Schultz back to Florida, and it has the Bernie Brigade and the Hillbots at each other’s throats in front of the whole world. All of which I’m enjoying. I really, really am. It’s absolutely delicious, every last morsel.

But… Russia? Really, you guys? We’re just going to let this big wooden horse through the gates?

Reince Priebus, taking a break yesterday from fending off questions about his boss’s JFK conspiracy theories, said this:

“But the point is, the Russians didn’t write the emails and neither did whoever else. The WikiLeaks people didn’t write the emails. The DNC wrote those emails. So they have to answer for what those emails say…”

This is true. The Dems said those things to each other, and it’s just further proof of what we’ve been saying all along, and they deserve every iota of fallout from it. And if it means this puts Trump in the White House, so be it. I’m not helping him, but I’m not going to be happy on Nov. 9 no matter what, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to care.

But if the Russians are behind this, aren’t you wondering why they want you to read all that stuff? Aren’t you wondering why they want Trump to win? Do you really think they have your best interests at heart?

The enemy of my enemy is still Putin.

I really don’t like the idea of him deciding our elections. I don’t like the idea of him laughing at our expense. I’m really baffled that any American would.

That’s just me, of course. If your hatred of Hillary Clinton is stronger than your dignity, then just take what you’re given and don’t worry about it. What’s the worst that could happen?

I didn’t scoff at the people who told us Russia was a threat four years ago, and I’m not scoffing at them now:

Romney was right. Obama was wrong. If you thought so back then but don’t think so now… why not?