Giuliani On Mothers Of The Movement Speaking At DNC: Clear Democrats Are The ‘Anti-Police Party’

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Rudy Giuliani insisted that the Democratic Party is an “anti-police party” on Wednesday, arguing that Barack Obama “created an anti-police atmosphere all throughout this country.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom,” Giuliani commented on the “Mothers of the Movement” who spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, saying: “You got a moment that makes it clear that this Democratic Party and this president created an anti-police atmosphere all throughout this country.”

The “Mothers of the Movement” are mothers of black men who were killed by police.

“All you have to do is talk to one of your local Philadelphia police officers like I did walking in this morning,” Giuliani said. “And they’ll tell you this is the worst since going back to the Black Panther movement.” (RELATED: Giuliani: The Real ‘Danger’ For Black People Isn’t Police [VIDEO])

“They said it’s clear the president takes their side no matter what against us,” Giuliani added. “Look at Baltimore. Two cops have been acquitted by an African-American judge.”

Host Bill Hemmer interjected, “They may all be acquitted in the end.”

Well, four cases so far, two mistrials, two acquittals. I mean it’s a disaster of a prosecution,” Giuliani argued. “Where’s the apology. Where do those police officers who just got acquitted go to get their reputation back as Secretary Donovan once said. And the president of the United States, where’s he on this? He was harsh in condemning it. I don’t see him saying, ‘Well, the justice system has worked and they have been found not guilty.'” (RELATED: Giuliani: ‘I Saved A Lot More Black Lives Than Black Lives Matter’ [VIDEO])

Pivoting back to the Democratic National Convention, Giuliani added, “They never should have done what they did and left out the widows of police officers who died. I mean it’s the police officers who died who prevent thousands and thousands and thousands other blacks from being killed.”


According to Giuliani, the DNC made the decision to not include the widows of police officers “because they are an anti-police party. It goes back to the president’s comment about Cambridge. The president has always been very quick to exaggerate, at times overstate, and at times be completely wrong about racial incidents.”

Referring to the Michael Brown case, Giuliani said, that he “never put his hand up, completely untrue. Seven witnesses. Five black, under oath. [Obama’s] own Justice Department found there was no evidence to bring that case.”

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