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“Aside from the fact that he’s serially humiliated her, and that she’s covered for him, they seem like a great couple. #DNCinPH”

— CNN’s S.E. Cupp.



The Observer 

“OMG it’s all people with disabilities opening day 2 of the DNC.” — John Aravosis, editor, AMERICAblog. 

Journalist: No shit, old woman. It’s hot. 

“An elderly woman just stopped me to tell me the temperature. Yes, ma’am, I’m quite aware of how hot it is.” — Justin Peligri, NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Don’t eat the donuts! 

Beware: The store is in the 2900 block of Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax County, Va. 

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“Inexplicably Ross from ‘Friends’ is here.” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

The DNC Critic 

“Oh man, Madeleine Albright totally just silenced the ‘J’ in Kim Jong Un #DemsInPhilly.” — CNN’s MJ Lee.


“I hate to say it, but the Republican Convention was far more interesting (with a much more beautiful set) than the Democratic Convention!” — Donald Trump.

On Bill Clinton’s speech

“OK this is now like an old uncle telling an old story you’ve heard. 5x before, but you let him go on and on bc you feel sorry for him.” — LifeZette‘s Laura Ingraham.

“Every politician (regardless of party) could learn a lot about public speaking from Bill Clinton. #DemsInPhilly.” — focus group expert Frank Luntz.

“1979. Only one year to go until 1980. Then we only have 36 more years to cover. So Bill will be done at 4 am.” — Politico‘s Marc Caputo.

“He’s saying all these wonderful positive things about her…and look how he treated their marriage.” — Christine Rousselle, Townhall.


“Bill Clinton is reading off the teleprompter just like everybody else. He’s just really good at it.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

Chyron of the Day 

“Klobuchar talking about rape with Bill Clinton’s name right under her on the chyron is awkward. #DemsInPhilly.” — The Daily Caller‘s Chuck Ross.

From the DNC

“The protesters outside the security perimeter want to burn an American flag but they can’t seem to find one.” — WSJ‘s Byron Tau.

The Philosopher 

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Journos make fun of the DNC 

Nick Gillespie works at Reason; S.E. Cupp works at CNN. 

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Ex-game show host: Democrats suck 

“You cannot reason with Democrats. It’s absolutely impossible. IMPOSSIBLE!” — Chuck Woolery, self-described Hollywood conservative, ex-host of “The Love Connection.”

JUST ASKING QUESTIONS: The Resurgent‘s Erick Erickson pisses people off

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The DNC requires golf carts

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Ashley Judd under a beautiful sky in Philly

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