No Confidence From Obama: Trump Could Win [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Barack Obama said on Wednesday, “Anything is possible” on the prospect that Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton in the general election in November.

Appearing on NBC’s “Today,” host Savannah Guthrie asked Obama, “Is it possible that Donald Trump wins the presidency?”

“Anything is possible,” Obama said, adding: “It is the nature of democracy, that until those votes are casts and the American people have their say, we don’t know.”

Guthrie followed up, “Are you worried?”

“As somebody who has now been in elected office at various levels for about 20 years, I’ve seen all kinds of crazy stuff happen, and I think anybody that goes into campaigns not running scared can end up losing.”

“So, my advice to Democrats — and I don’t have to give this advice to Hillary Clinton, because she already knows it — is you stay worried until all those votes are cast and counted because you know, one of the dangers in an election like this is that people don’t take the challenge seriously,” Obama said. “They stay home. And we end up getting the unexpected.”

Earlier this year, at the prospect of Trump giving the State of the Union address, Obama said, “Well, I can imagine it — in a “Saturday Night (Live)” skit.”

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, Trump is now up on Clinton by 1.1 points.

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