Trump Hits Hillary For Lack Of Press Conferences: 235 Days And Counting [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for not conducting a press conference in 235 days, calling on the press to “check it out.”

During his press conference in Doral, Florida, Trump said that is has been “235 days since Crooked Hillary Clinton has had a press conference, and you as reporters who give her all these glowing reports should ask yourselves why.”

“And I’ll tell you why because despite the nice platitudes, she’s been a mess. You look at what’s happened with ISIS, which isn’t even mentioned. You look at what’s happening with law and order. They don’t even mention our police. They mention everybody but our police. They don’t have an American flag on the dais until we started complaining. And then they ran up with two very small little flags, one that we saw.”

“So you know, I put myself through your news conferences often, not that it’s fun. 235 days, no news conference for Hillary Clinton. You ought to check it out,” Trump said.

UPDATE: At the conclusion of the press conference, Trump said, “I think it’s time for Hillary Clinton to do a news conference because it’s almost a year now and it would be interesting to see how she does.”


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