After Mentioning Hillary In MSNBC Appearance Rep. John Lewis Interrupted By Chants of ‘She Stole It’

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Civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis’s appearance on MSNBC on Thursday was interrupted multiple times by people yelling that Hillary Clinton “stole” the election as well as calls of “bullshit.”

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with Tamron Hall, Lewis said that Thursday night will be, “an unbelievable night, a historic night. You know, we have elected a person of color for two terms, he broke barriers, President Barack Obama did it in his way.” (RELATED: Leaked Emails Show DNC Officials Constructing Anti-Bernie Narrative)

[dcquiz] “And tonight, this night, we are going to nominate a woman,” Lewis said before being interrupted by women yelling, “She stole it! She stole it! She stole it!” (RELATED: DNC Shared Its Donor Appointment List With White House)

Lewis continued that the nomination of a woman “will be the end of another long struggle in America. I’m convinced that she will be elected the next president of the United States. I cried when President Barack Obama was nominated, cried when he was elected, cried when he was sworn in, and I may cry again tonight.” (RELATED: Emails: DNC Staffer Annoyed At Having To Commemorate The Holocaust)

Another person then yelled, “Never Hillary!”

Hall then asked, “When you look at how the week started with the battle to unify the party and Michelle Obama stepping out as she did in referencing the White House and slaves and what it means now for her as the First Lady of this country. When you look at your life, did you ever imagine you could potentially see the first person of color become president and the first woman, back-to-back potentially.” (RELATED: ‘Sexist Pig’ And Other Eye-Opening Revelations In The DNC Email Leak)

Lewis replied, “Well, if someone had told me when I was growing up in rural Alabama and getting involved in [the] American civil rights movement, struggling for the right to vote that I would live to see a person of color become president, and a woman become president, I would say, ‘You’re crazy. You’re out of your mind, you don’t know what you’re talking about.'”

All throughout the interview, people in the audience were yelling various things at Lewis.

“We have come a distance. We have made progress and I think we’re going to make more progress in November. But we are making progress tonight. Her nomination is going to inspire young women, young girls, young men all over America and all over the world,” Lewis claimed. “I said it a few years ago–”

He was then interuped by a man yelling, “Bullshit!”

Lewis continued, “what president Obama said last night that none in America was better prepared to be president on day one than Hillary Clinton.”

The crowd then screamed some more.

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