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Colbert Wants To Ask Trump: ‘What Does Putin’s D*** Taste Like?’

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Look, I’m not happy about the GOP nominee openly calling for the Russians to hack an American, even if that American is a horrible person who shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House. Even if they already have hacked her, which they probably have, and he’s just doing his civic duty by telling them to reveal that information. (Seriously, some Trumpkins are saying that.)

But it’s a bit much to listen to Democrats pretend to care about Putin all of a sudden. They laughed at Romney in 2012 for recognizing Russia as a threat — “Um, the ’80s called, Mitt…” — because they wanted to keep the White House. And that’s the same reason they’re now recognizing the Russian threat. Putin wasn’t a problem until he became a problem for them.

Here’s Stephen Colbert during the pre-taping of his low-rated show last night, fielding the following question: “If you had Donald Trump on your show tonight, what would you ask him?” His characteristically elegant and sophisticated reply:

“What does Vladimir Putin’s dick taste like?”

I didn’t realize they had different flavors, Stephen, but I’ll defer to your expertise. Presumably it’s not nearly as delicious as Jon Stewart’s.

Or this guy’s:

Also, using homosexuality as an insult is bad… unless you’re DESTROYING somebody a leftist doesn’t like.

(Hat tip: Maggie Serota)