Cuomo List $15 Minimum Wage As A Great Liberal Accomplishment


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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo listed his state raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour as a great liberal accomplishment while at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

California became the first state April 4 to raise its minimum wages to $15 an hour, beating New York by just a couple hours. Cuomo praised his state for passing the increase while listing what he believed were liberal successes.

“And we enacted a $15 minimum wage in New York,” Cuomo told an enthusiastic crowd Thursday at the DNC. “The highest in the nation.”

Cuomo spoke in support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He also listed several other accomplishments made by Democratic presidents over the last hundred years to demonstrate why voters should support Clinton.

Democrats have praised the $15 minimum wage as a way to help address poverty. They even included the policy in its party platform Monday. They have also scheduled some low-wage working to address delegates at the convention.

Critics have noted concern the policy could hurt business by increasing the cost of labor beyond what they can easily handle. They have found the policy could result in less employment opportunities and price increases.

Nevertheless supporters contend that job loss is limited at best and the economic benefits of less people living in poverty outweigh any possible negative outcomes. The Fight for $15 movement as led much of the minimum wage debate since it started in 2012. The movement has fought for local and national minimum wage increases of $15 an hour.

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