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Forget It Reporters, John Hinckley Cannot Speak To You

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Anyone else feeling a little uneasy about John Hinckley‘s release?

The man who shot President Reagan is checking out of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, a mental institution outside Washington, D.C., after three decades there after shooting a president, obsessing over actress Jody Foster as well as threatening to harm former President Jimmy Carter.

One of the judge’s stipulations: Hinckley cannot give press interviews.

“Hinckley and his family are not allowed to contact the media and must decline to speak to any members of the press who contact them,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Still, you can imagine “5 Things Hinckley Likes to Do With His Time” sneaking in somewhere.

Hinckley will reside with his mom in Williamsburg, Va.

At least for now.

On a bright note: He’ll still be getting psychotherapy every month.