Key Clinton Ally Implies Trump White House Would ‘Start Looking For Jews’


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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PHILADELPHIA — A former Bill Clinton White House official and senior adviser to Hillary Clinton implied Thursday that a Donald Trump administration would “start looking for Jews.”

Ann Lewis served as communications director for President Bill Clinton and was a senior adviser for Hillary’s 2000 senate run and 2008 presidential bid. She was speaking during the Democratic National Convention on a panel for the Democratic Party’s Jewish Caucus at the Philadelphia Convention center.

Lewis described Republican nominee Donald Trump as a “a candidate who deliberately and consciously tries to divide.”

“We know from recent history that when you live in a society where the forces of division looks for scapegoats, Jews are next in line,” Lewis added. “Don’t kid ourselves. Wherever they start, if that is the way people amass power, they will start looking for Jews.”