Limbaugh Praises Obama’s ‘Reaganesque’ DNC Speech

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Rush Limbaugh heaped praise on Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention arguing that it was “Reaganesque” and that if the Obama presidency was like the speech, “there would be no Republican Party.”

On Thursday’s broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh said, “I was told, that Barack Obama’s speech last night was fabulous. It was just great. It was uplifting. It was positive. It was Reaganesque.” (RELATED: Obama Channels Reagan’s Optimism In DNC Speech)

Later Limbaugh said, “If Obama had been, the last eight years, in word and policy, as he was in that speech last night, we wouldn’t have a prayer. If Obama had been what he was last night for the last eight years, there would be no Republican Party.” (RELATED: Limbaugh: Trump ‘Hijacked The Democrat Convention’ With Press Conference)

Obama “would have everybody,” Limbaugh insisted. “If he had governed the way he says he believed last night, there wouldn’t be a Republican Party today because every Republican would have signed on with it. Because it was the conservative Republican Reagan agenda spelled out for the most part.”

“I mean, exceptions to everything here. But that’s not who Obama is. Obama is Mr. Apology Tour. Obama is the guy who thinks America’s founding was unjust and immoral. He doesn’t relish it. He doesn’t cherish it. Obama resents it, and he’s made this perfectly clear his entire political life,” Limbaugh concluded.


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