Mook Doesn’t Deny That Hillary Is Responsible For The Disaster In Libya [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Robby Mook, campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, did not deny that Hillary Clinton as secretary of state was responsible for the disaster in Libya on Thursday.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Special Report” host Bret Baier asked Mook, “What responsibility does Hillary Clinton have for the situation in Libya that has spiraled out of control and is now a nest for ISIS?” (RELATED: Hillary On Benghazi: Not My Fault, ‘It Was Not My Ball To Carry’ [VIDEO])

“Well, Hillary has said they did everything that they possibly could to set up a productive government. The Libyans made some choices that did not allow them to be as successful as they should have been,” Mook replied. “And that’s the choice of a free country.”

Pivoting away from the fact four Americans lost their lives in the attack in Benghazi, Mook said, “I think the contrast in this election is between Hillary Clinton, who is prepared to be our commander in chief, and Donald Trump, who has an erratic temperament. We saw it again, encouraging foreign aggressors to commit espionage to influence the outcome of our election.” (RELATED: Trump: I Was Being ‘Sarcastic’ Calling On Russia To Find Hillary’s Emails [VIDEO])

“We talked about that, but if Democrats, including Hillary Clinton say that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and going into Iraq created ISIS, and made this rise, then can’t you make the jump that the situation in Libya is at least part tied to Secretary Clinton, an architect of Libya policy,” Baier followed up. (RELATED: Krauthammer: Trump’s Russia Comment ‘Set A Trap That The Clinton Campaign Fell Right Into’ [VIDEO])

Ignoring the question, Mook replied, “I think what matters right now is what we’re going to do moving forward. The fact is, we have to work with our allies and partners and work domestically to make sure that we keep our nation and our world safer. And Donald Trump, and his divisive rhetoric, are going to make things worse. Banning Muslims isn’t going to stop terrorism, engaging with our allies, working together will.”

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