Reid: Trump Should Only Get ‘Fake’ Intel Briefings

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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PHILADELPHIA — Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid wants the intelligence community to give Donald Trump “fake” intel briefings during the general election.

Reid, who is retiring after this election cycle, told The Huffington Post Wednesday afternoon before his convention speech that Trump is too “dangerous” to give any kind of important information to.

“How would the CIA and the other intelligence agencies brief this guy? How could they do that? I would suggest to the intelligence agencies, if you’re forced to brief this guy, don’t tell him anything, just fake it, because this man is dangerous,” Reid said. “Fake it, pretend you’re doing a briefing, but you can’t give the guy any information.”

Reid was no less forgiving when he gave remarks Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. Reid attacked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for being “craven.”

“His Republican Party decided that the answer to hard-working Americans’ dreams is to slander our African American President. Stoke fear of Muslims, sow hatred of Latinos, insult Asians, and of course, wage war against women,” Reid said. “The only thing Republicans like Mitch McConnell have accomplished is setting the stage for a hateful conman, Donald Trump.”

Reid further attacked Trump saying, “When Trump decided to run for president, he probably said to himself: ‘I’m an egomaniac. I don’t believe in science. I think women are inferior. Where would I feel at home?’”

Reid embraced Hillary Clinton’s campaign stating that with Clinton as president and Democrats winning the Senate majority this election cycle, the party will continue to push forward a Supreme Court “that keeps America just and background checks for gun buyers and assault weapons ban that keep America safe.”

Reid closed his remarks saying the party “likes” Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and described Clinton as “the most qualified and prepared candidate in the history of America.”

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