Albright On Trump: ‘America First Doesn’t Make Any Sense’ [VIDEO]

Screen capture from MSNBC

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, former Secretary of State — and prominent Hillary Clinton supporter — Madeleine Albright said Donald Trump’s idea of “‘America first’ doesn’t make any sense,” and compared it to the atmosphere ahead of World War II.

Asked “how dangerous” she thought Trump was, she recounted her childhood, both in Czechoslovakia and London. Albright said, “The issue of nationalism and hatred of other people came up then.”

“When Donald Trump talks about ‘America first,’ there are a lot of bad memories of that,” Albright said. “And Munich, which was the agreement made by the British and French with the German and Italians, over the heads of the Czechoslovaks, America wasn’t there. And it wasn’t there because it was ‘America first.'”

“When the Americans came, it made all the difference. ‘America first’ doesn’t make any sense. America is exceptional, we are an indispensable nation. But we have to operate with others,” Albright concluded.

Asked by Ron Fournier of the National Journal if Trump was a fascist, Albright replied, “It’s hard to label him anything except weird.”