American Flags Fall In The Presence Of Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

(YouTube screen grab)

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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After the balloon drop Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention, as Hillary Clinton made her way off the stage, an American flag fell to the ground, and it appears the nobody moved to save it.

For her part, Clinton appeared to have been looking in the direction of the flag which was next to her top aide Huma Abedin.

Last September at a campaign rally at the University of Wisconsin, the American flag adorned backdrop collapsed. (RELATED: Collapse: Backdrop At Clinton Event Falls Down, Takes Out American Flag [VIDEO])

In another instance in 2007, Clinton along with Abedin were present when multiple American flags fell to the ground.

In this instance, Clinton moved to assist in picking up the fallen American flags. Providing commentary, Clinton said, “Let’s get our flags up here guys. I think that the bases are not weighted enough” before leaving the room.

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