Hillary Clinton Says Bullying Helped Make Her Stronger

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Katie Frates Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough
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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said bullying helped turn her into the “resilient” person she is today, during her Democratic National Convention nomination speech Thursday.

“My mother wanted me to be resilient and she wanted me to be brave,” Hillary said. “One day I am running into the house and my mother met me, and she said to me, ‘There’s no room for cowards in this house. You go back outside and figure out how you’re going to deal with what these kids are doing.'”

The Democratic anti-bullying narrative never attributes anything positive to bullying, like becoming brave, or resilient. A frequent Democratic suggestion to stop bullying, unlike what Hillary’s mother suggests — go out and deal with it — is creating “safe spaces.”

Safe spaces at school, during events and at the work place are supposed to be a place where an individual who feels bullied, or attacked, can retreat to.

Clinton struck a notably different tone on bullying. She mentioned it again at the end of her speech, saying her mother pushed her out the door and wouldn’t let her inside when she was being bullied.

“More than a few times, I’ve had to pick myself up and get back in the game. Like so much else, I got this from my mother. She never let me back down from any challenge,” Clinton said. “When I tried to hide from a neighborhood bully, she literally blocked the door. ‘Go back out there,’ she said. And she was right. You have to stand up to bullies.”

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