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Hillary Clinton’s Voice Is Like A Soothing Lullaby

REUTERS/Gary Cameron

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Many of us have a favorite sound. Something that calms us and helps us find a little peace in our chaotic lives: The gentle singing of birds. The soft roar of a waterfall. The steady, hypnotic ticking of a grandfather clock. Hillary Clinton yawping into a microphone at the top of her lungs.

Last night, during Hillary’s historic DNC acceptance speech, her loving and devoted husband Bill showed us why those two just can’t get enough of each other.

Okay, Bill, your wife is speaking. This is the biggest moment of her life. She’s now closer to her lifelong dream than she’s ever been before. The whole world is watching. And:

Finally, Tim Kaine has something to do!

Now we know how Bill maintains that healthy glow: a good night’s sleep every night, lulled into dreamland by Hillary’s mellifluous tones.

Just kidding. Those two haven’t slept within earshot of each other in 15 years. I wonder where they’ll put him in the White House? Well, there are plenty of couches.

(Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt)