Sanders Delegates Stage Walkout During Clinton Remarks


Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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PHILADELPHIA — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attempted to bring in Bernie Sanders supporters, but dozens of activists and Sanders delegates staged a walkout during Clinton’s acceptance speech.

Clinton promised Sanders supporters during her remarks that their “cause is our cause” and gushed compliments toward Sanders himself, who sat plain-faced in the stands.

According to reports, police also removed some attendees following a disruption in the convention hall as well as ejected attendees with fake credentials. Sanders delegates staged a walkout on Wednesday night and heckled former CIA director Leon Panetta the same day.

Some Sanders delegates say their own state parties threatened them if they went through with the second walkout during Clinton’s speech.

One delegate who remained anonymous reportedly said, “overt hostility by state parties towards Sanders delegates, attempts to control our speech, telling us to be quiet, to behave, to be good Democrats.”

Other Bernie delegates switched their “Hillary” signs to reading “liar” instead.

Washington State Sanders delegate Pam Keeley told Shadowproof.com, “We’ve been threatened with having our credentials pulled by state parties.”

Another Sanders supporter from California told The Daily Caller Thursday night he thought Clinton’s speech had some good and bad aspects to it but sees that Clinton failed to understand their message.

“She’s clearly trying to appeal to Bernie supporters. Some of her messaging shows she’s clearly not getting our message. That ‘join us thing’ is still a ‘fall in line’ kind of message as opposed to a ‘we need your help,’” California Sanders supporter Jason Schadweld told The Daily Caller.

He added, “But more importantly, beyond the words, it’s the actions. Beyond the speech, I’m looking forward to see what kind of proposals she puts forward. Look, half of this party is Bernie supporters.”

“Actually, I couldn’t listen to any of it. I walked out multiple times…the Bernie supporters are for the last year ‘Dem-exiting.’ We are no longer members of the Democratic Party. I’m a 38-year member of the Democrat Party,” Susan Sullivan, another California Sanders supporter, told TheDC at a DNC Convention watch party in downtown Philadelphia. “We cannot participate or belong to a party that will live with this fraud that is going on and the theft that has gone on.”

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