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This Week In Gun News: Tim Kaine’s Record, Homeowner Charged For Shooting Intruder, Rare AR-15s Found

Harold Hutchison Freelance Writer
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A Little Too Honest

What is the goal of so-called “common-sense gun measures” that gun-grabbers are often pushing? Many supporters of the Second Amendment suspect the ultimate end game is gun confiscation, especially after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have spoken approvingly of Australia’s 1996 semi-auto ban. Well, now there is video proof, thanks to James O’Keefe. During this video, a Clinton alternate delegate admits that “moderate” phrases are used to avoid angering pro-Second Amendment voters.


Homeowner Charged For Shooting Intruder

Massachusetts is not a very friendly state when it comes to exercising your Second Amendment rights. Last week, the state’s Attorney General decreed a ban on sales of certain semi-automatic firearms. This week, we learn that a homeowner is facing murder charges when he fired at someone who had broken in glass while pounding on the front door. Massachusetts has one of the weakest “castle doctrine” laws – and it may see someone imprisoned for defending their home.

How Did Open Carry Work Out in Cleveland?

Last week, we discussed how Ohio Governor John Kasich respected the law – and refused to ban open carry near the Republican convention by decree. So, how did that work out? It turns out, contrary to the many hysterical claims made by opponents of our Second Amendment rights, that shootouts just did not happen near the convention at all. In fact, according to Cleveland’s police chief, open carry was not an issue at all.

Rare AR-15s Found

The AR-15 has become a very popular rifle in recent years. But this iconic gun got its start from Colt decades ago. Recently, a number of early AR-15 models turned up at a gun show. These rifles cost as much as $15,000, more than a number of used cars – and even a few new ones! Colt reportedly is sending letters to authenticate the rifles.

Single-Issue Gun-Grabbers?

Former Pennsylvania Governor (and mayor of Philadelphia) Ed Rendell has just put forth the notion that opponents of our Second Amendment rights need to become single-issue voters. This is a serious threat to our rights. One of the NRA’s strengths in the decades of battles in support of the Second Amendment has been avoiding side issues. If gun-grabbers get a similar core of voters – defending our rights will become very difficult indeed.

Smith and Wesson Buys Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace makes all sorts of laser sights, including the new LiNQ, which is a wireless laser/flashlight combo. Now, that has something else: A new owner. Smith and Wesson announced it is paying $95,000,000 in cash to purchase the laser-sight manufacturer. The deal is expected to be final next month.

Hillary Picks Kaine

Days after the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton picked Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. If Mike Pence has been a strong friend of the Second Amendment, Tim Kaine’s track record is the exact opposite. Lowlights of Kaine’s record include support for a ban on certain semi-autos based on cosmetic features, vetoes to preserve gun-free zones, and favored the arbitrary ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammo.

Fact-Checking a Gun-Grabber

Gun-grabbers often spew a lot of bull-puckey in efforts to get people to go along with their anti-Second Amendment agenda. Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) was one of those who recently tried to do so. The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action fact-checked Congressman Sherman, and it’s a beauty of a take-down.

Wasting $3,000 And A Rifle

In Oregon, a girls’ softball team was raffling off an AR-15 to raise funds to attend a tournament in California. This offended a local pastor, who proceeded to frivolously spend $3,000 of his church’s discretionary fund on 199 raffle tickets. He intends to have an artist turn the rifle into something symbolic, saying, “a gun can never be constructive.” Guess that pastor never heard of hunting, self-defense, or competitive shooting.

Olympians You Should Know About

With the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we’re going to hear a lot about some of the best athletes in the world. Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Kevin Durant, Michael Phelps, and Hope Solo are among the more famous participants, but there are 20 athletes are taking part in the shooting sports (23 including modern pentathlon) representing America in Rio this year.

Morgan Craft – Skeet, Glenn Eller – Double Trap, Matt Emmons – Three-Position Rifle, Vincent Hancock – Skeet, David Higgins – Prone Rifle, Michael McPhail – Prone Rifle, Emil Milev – Rapid Fire Pistol, Keith Sanderson – Rapid Fire Pistol, Enkelejda Shehaj – Air & Sport Pistol, Jay Shi – Air & Free Pistol, Virginia Thrasher – Air & 3P Rifle, Corey Cogdell-Unrein – Trap, Kim Rhode – Skeet, Josh Richmond – Double Trap, Frank Thompson –
Skeet, Sarah Scherer – Air & 3P Rifle, Dan Lowe – Air Rifle, Will Brown – Air & Free Pistol, Lydia Paterson – Air Pistol, Lucas Kozeniesky – Air Rifle

Sadly, these athletes – and strong supporters of the Second Amendment – often are attacked by Second Amendment opponents. Be sure to root for these 23 athletes in Rio!

Harold Hutchison