‘Am I In The Twilight Zone’: Judge Loses It As Female Defendant Arrives In Court Pant-Less

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A court video shows a woman being brought before a judge without wearing any pants Friday.

The sight astonished and perplexed presiding Judge Amber Wolf from Kentucky, Law Newz reports. At around the 1:20 mark of the video, the defendant says she had been in custody since Sunday. While not perfectly audible, the woman’s counsel then notifies the judge that the jail refused to provide the detainee with anything to cover her legs and groin area, even after asking for them several times.

Jail spokesman Steve Durham asserts that law enforcement abided all rules and regulations.

“This is pretty standard that when individuals are arrested, they remain in the clothing that they’ve been arrested in, especially for the first 72 hours,” Durham said, according to Law Newz.

“Excuse me,” Wolf says, confused as she puts her hand to her mouth in apparent shock. The judge then slams her pen on the table and says “This is outrageous” and somewhat rhetorically asks “Is this for real?” and “Am I in the Twilight Zone?”

At around 2:17 of the video, the judge turns to someone else not seen on the camera and says “Sorry. This is going to take a little bit.” Wolf uses both her mobile device and the court provided phone to contact the appropriate parties in order to get the defendant pants and see who’s responsible for the negligence.

While looking at her watch, Wolf asks the person on the other line why there is a female defendant standing in front of her with no pants on after being in jail for three days. Wolf was also seemingly incensed because the alleged criminal was not provided “feminine hygiene products.”

The judge then addresses the defendant and says “I am not trying to embarrass you, I am very sorry” and then asks the defense attorney and presumably the bailiffs and clerks “Can we give her something to cover up with?”

As nothing was found to cover up her bare bottom half, she was sent back to jail cell until the judge could sort out the debacle. Wolf says that the proposed sentence was ridiculous given the crime was shoplifting. “75 days? No, we’re not giving you that,” Wolf explained. “Also, I am changing your sentence to $100 fine, credit time served for that,” Wolf told the prisoner in an attempt to try and compensate the pantless perpetrator.

The defendant was also released from jail. Wolf tells the defendant “you should have been in jail for a day, tops” even though the offender did not complete a diversionary program.


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