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CCW Weekend: This Unlikely Group Is Surprisingly Pro-Gun

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By Beth BaumannAlien Gear Holsters

Whenever Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, are mentioned in the gun debate, it is often assumed that we favor gun control. That notion is further from the truth. ABC News recently polled women 18-25 to see how they felt about a wide range of issues, including the Second Amendment. 11 percent of those surveyed said gun rights were one of the most important issues this election cycle. Keep in mind Millennial women account for one in six adults or about 40 million Americans.

Why are Millennial women so in favor of the Second Amendment? The answer is simple.

Self Defense and Protection

Women’s lifestyles have drastically changed over the last 50-60 years. More women are pursuing careers, meaning they are waiting longer to start a family. They are staying single longer while they focus on their career. This shift in career focus has meant women are learning how to protect and defend themselves. Many choose to use a firearm for self-protection.

The need for protection isn’t just for older women, but also for college students. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center it is estimated that one in four women will be sexually assaulted during their college careers. Because of this high statistic, more women are shifting from rape whistles to rape preventers: guns.

One of the greatest examples of a rape survivor turned Second Amendment advocate is Kimberly Corban. At 20 years old, she was brutally raped in her off-campus apartment in Greeley, Colorado. After reporting the crime, testifying against her attacker and undergoing extensive therapy, Corban realized a firearm was the only way she would be able to protect herself and her family in the future.

“Being a victim is not a choice, but becoming a survivor is,” Corban frequently says.

Political Conflict

Because of the terrorism seen throughout the world, including on American soil, more Americans – particularly women – feel the need to arm themselves. Why leave it up to chance to be a victim when you can increase your odds of being a survivor?

After the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, I saw my community flock to gun stores to purchase firearms and apply for concealed carry permits. The number of CCW applications grew ten-fold. People were terrified of being a victim. They made the conscious effort to make sure they never had to be. Among those in fear: young Millennial women. Women who wanted to make sure they were always protected.

Why I’m Pro-Gun

Growing up as a law enforcement officer’s daughter, I was exposed to guns from a young age. I was taught to respect and never, under any circumstances, touch a firearm. I was taught the four rules of gun safety long before I could remember. When I was finally old enough to shoot (in my early teens), my dad sat me down in our living room and made me hold his unloaded .9mm duty gun as a means of preparing me to shoot. Once he felt I understood the killing capabilities behind the gun, he took me to the range. At first I was freaked out. I jumped at the sound and the recoil. What unnerved me the most was realizing that the weapon in my hand had the power to end someone’s life. It was something that I took very, very seriously (and still do).

After the first few initial shots, I fell in love with my Second Amendment rights. I realized that as a woman, I’m more likely to be targeted by robbers and thugs. I’m more likely to be attacked than my male counterparts. It’s sad to say but an honest reality for women.

We don’t want to be victims. We want to eliminate a threat before it can harm us.

Beth Baumann is outreach specialist for Alien Gear Holsters, a concealed carry holsters company. She is also a contributor to PolitiChicks and TheBlaze. Click here to visit