Apple Replaces Revolver Emoji With Squirt Gun In Software Update

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Apple iPhone and iPad users can say goodbye to the revolver emoji in the latest software update.

According to Popular Science, the iOS 10, which will be available this fall for download, replaces the revolver emoji with a squirt gun.

The removal of the revolver for the squirt gun is currently available only to developers and app designers and is among the over 100 changes to Apple’s emoji pool.

This includes more skin tones, more women in different job roles, and more detailed characters.

The Apple website states, “ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere.”

It is not the first time Apple pushed to remove firearms from the emoji sets. Buzzfeed reported the company pressured the Unicode Consortium to not add rifle emojis.

“In a weird, maybe almost unexpected way, emoji thrusts Unicode into contentious political and religious discussions,” one member of the Unicode Consortium at last May’s meetings told Buzzfeed.

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