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Benny Johnson Is Getting Married In The Most Benny Johnson Way Possible

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Journalist Benny Johnson left BuzzFeed in the summer of 2014.

But will BuzzFeed ever truly leave his soul?

In true listicle fashion, Johnson has announced on his wedding website that he’s getting married at a humongous beach house in Delaware in November. The site takes a guest through their relationship and through their upcoming nuptials.

His bride, Katelyn Rieley, is a nurse in Washington. Johnson is Creative Director of IJR.

How they met: It involves a bow-tie and it’s not a dirty story.

How he proposed: On Christmas Eve. He spelled “Will you marry me?” in Christmas lights.

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The wedding house: A huge oceanside house in Bethany Beach. This is where the nuptials will take place. This is where the reception will happen. This is where the post-wedding brunch will transpire. Guests will not be staying here. Guests will not be parking here. They will take a shuttle or else get there by Lyft or Uber.

Who blessed them: Actor Morgan Freeman.

Gifts: No gifts for the couple, please. If you must, just donate to their honeymoon. Or get them something from their “humble” Amazon registry.

Congratulations to the couple.