Chinese Propaganda: America Wants To Turn China Into The Next Libya

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China’s propaganda specialists released videos Monday claiming that the US wants to start a color revolution in China and destroy Chinese peace, stability, and happiness by undermining the authority of the Chinese government.

One video shows horrible and tragic images from war-torn countries like Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Then the words “behind all of these things, we can see a star spangled banner” come into view. The video continues to argue that China’s interests are threatened by a US that wants to incite a revolution and destabilize China.

Stating that China will not be the next Soviet Union, Iraq, or any other country “thrown into chaos” by the US, the video also criticized “die-hard” human rights lawyers who are being manipulated by Western agitators hoping to subvert the state.

These videos were released on the same day Wang Yu, a human rights lawyer with the Fengrui Law Firm who was arrested in the infamous 709 crackdown last year, made a video confession in which she “repented” for her crimes.

During the video confession, Wang indicates that she was used by foreign forces “attempting to darken the name of the Chinese government.” Amidst her likely-coerced confession, she also mentioned that she will not accept an international human rights award, saying “I am Chinese, so I only accept the leadership of the Chinese government.” It is said that Wang was set free after the release of her video confession.

Other human rights lawyers are not currently fairing as well as Wang. Trials began on Tuesday in Tianjin, China for several other human rights lawyers at the Fengrui Law Firm who were detained in July of last year.

Zhai Yanmin, who was tried first for crimes against the state, was sentenced to three years in prison, four years of probation, and full deprivation of political rights for four years.

Several other members of the Fengrui Law Firm, namely Hu Shigen, Zhou Shifeng, and Guo Hongguo are still awaiting trial.

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