Sergeant Major Of The Army: There’s Not Enough Women In Combat Arms

Dan Chaison Reporter
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The Army’s top enlisted soldier is “personally asking” more females to sign up for combat roles, according to a Monday Army Times report.

“I know we have female soldiers with the drive and ability to be successful in ground combat arms formations. If you think you have what it takes, I am personally asking you to consider transferring to these select combat arms specialties,” Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey said.

The reason SMA Dailey is asking more women to take on combat occupations is because there are not enough female officers and non-commissioned officers to serve as mentors.

“As young soldiers do, they will look for leadership and mentorship from their superiors. Unfortunately, we have not had a sufficient number of serving female soldiers and [noncommissioned officers] volunteer to transfer into these mentorship and leadership roles.”

Since January, all military occupations have been open to female troops, but few have taken up Uncle Sam’s offer on combat jobs.

“You will be challenged both mentally and physically. If you are interested in taking on this challenge and leading our soldiers into the future, please talk to your career counselor today,” Dailey urged.

Upon assuming the role of Sergeant Major of the Army in early 2015, SMA Dailey listed the integration of women into combat arms positions as a top priority.

Dailey said that since removing gender restrictions, the Army has seen more than 100 women take on combat roles.

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