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The TEC.BEAN EX500 action camera is already a practical alternative to the outrageously expensive action cameras on the market. Normally priced at $70, you can save hundreds compared to the advanced GoPros out there. With a $17 discount, however, the deal becomes too good to pass up.

With the code FTAJS5S7 this action camera is only $53.

Daily Caller readers can save 24 percent on this action camera (Photo via Amazon)

Daily Caller readers can save 24 percent on this action camera (Photo via Amazon)

TEC.BEAN EX5000 14MP 2.0-Inch WiFi Waterproof Action Camera with 2 Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kit on sale for $52.99 with code FTAJS5S7

Not sold on the value here? Check out this review from Devin Stephens, one of Amazon’s most trusted reviewers:

This is an excellent camera at even a BETTER PRICE!! Great for adventures!! Great for water!! Now don’t expect this to be a Hero 3+ Black or Hero 4.. Also, don’t expect this to be a YI cam (I own all of them plus tons of generics) BUT this camera cost a fraction of what those cams cost!! Plus this camera is A LOT BETTER than the budget GoPro.. For the price this camera is AMAZING!! and to date this is the best generic Action Cam I have used and tested.. It offers GREAT photos, and GREAT videos.. It has a wide angle lens and has a screen.. Hands down, this is one of the best clone action cams on the market.. I took this camera out canoeing this weekend and it performed EXCELLENT!!!

1.) Value – This camera cost under $75 at the time of this review.. It comes with about $20 worth of GoPro style mounts (Yes they work with GoPro), WiFi (Most cameras in this range don’t have Wifi.. Not even the cheap GoPro), Screen and more!! The value of this camera is amazing..

2.) Picture Quality – Picture quality reminds me of my Hero 3 white edition.. Meaning they are very good just not as bright and vibrant as the hero 3+ Black.. There is nothing wrong with that! Software can correct this easily.. You will be very very happy with the picture quality of this camera.. (Sample photo in customer photos of my canoe trip today)

3.) Video Quality – The video quality of this camera is amazing.. Full 1080P at 30 FPS.. I wish it was able to record 1080P at 60FPS BUT for the price, you can’t go wrong.. The video from this camera is very bright and vibrant and full of detail.. Sound is very good, especially for an Action Cam.. If you do need 60 FPS then you can shoot video in 720 and it still looks amazing!!

4.) Wide Angel – This camera shoots in a very wide angel and this is great when capturing your action sports or even family videos

5.) Accessories – This camera comes with a lot of accessories on its own, even an extra battery.. PLUS plenty of batteries are available online for this camera.. This camera also works with GoPro mounts and accessories which is a GOOD THING.. Accessories are very widely available for this cam!

6.) Battery Life – I get a little over an hour shooting at 1080P.. This is very good battery life for an action cam! Plus being removable (and getting an extra battery in this kit) you can shoot for HOURS with this camera

7.) WiFi APP (Ismart DV) – I have had no issues with the APP.. its not as polished as GoPro or Xiaomis Yi app BUT it does what it needs to do and it works very well.. I have several cameras that use the ISMart app and have always been very happy with it.. I think it works well but it does have limited WiFI range.. I have this issue with any camera that uses Ismart

8.) Camera Quality – This camera can take a beating like any action cam should be able to do!! It is very good quality

9.) Ease of Use – This camera is actually much easier to use than GoPro!! It is very easy to navigate the menus, it comes with very very good instructions and overall I had no issues learning how to use this camera

1.) Action Cams aren’t just for action sports! This camera would make a GREAT family cam to record videos of your family and parties and your children growing up.. The quality is amazing and they cost much less than other video cameras..

2.) Buy another accessory kit for this! Yes it comes with MOST BUT you can get cases, headstraps, chest straps and more when you buy accessory kits here from amazon!!

3.) Make sure you order a Micro SD card.. I still recommend a class 10 card but I was able to use this camera with a regular micro SD Card (GoPro requires class 10 or it overheats).. I had no overheating with this camera and a class 4 card

Overall: I am very impressed with this action cam.. I am more impressed with the price.. This is a great camera for a great price..

That’s what I call an endorsement.

You can use this camera while riding your bike (Photo via Amazon)

You can use this camera while riding your bike (Photo via Amazon)

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