Backyard Brawl Decided By A Punch That Probably Could’ve Killed An Elephant [VIDEO]


Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Video surfaced Tuesday of what’s quite possibly the shortest fight in human history.


The video starts with our two heroes trading verbal barbs.

“He got clowned on, he got clowned on, he got clowned on all day,” the eventual victor states.

“Ok,” responds his chin-strapped victim. “So you trying to pop? You trying to pop?”

After exchanging banter, they popped, and World Star Hip Hop commenters roasted the loser.


“Yo either he got his teeth fucked up or dis nigga had an allergic reaction on his face tho [sic],” noted ‘Homework.’

“Reflexes non existent,” added ‘spliffy ranger.’ “Should have seen that swing from a mile away [sic].”

User ‘Daddy’ pointed out “a turtle got faster reflexes then this dude [sic].”

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