Barbra Streisand Rips Donald Trump

Brandon Katz Contributor
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Barbra Streisand opened up her first concert in three years Tuesday night by taking shots at Donald Trump.

In between songs, Streisand was joined on stage by mind reader Lior Suchard. The 74-year-old singer joked, “The only person’s mind he can’t read is Donald Trump’s because he doesn’t have one.”

Streisand argued that Trump’s campaign has hit more than a few roadblocks in recent weeks and noted this election is a “doozy.”

Before singing her classic song “People,” Streisand explained how she learned that no matter “what the color of your skin or where you were born — Cuba, China, Malaysia, Madagascar — our genetic makeup is 99.9% identical to every person on the face of the earth.

“The other .1% is Donald Trump,” she said.

Streisand also voiced for support for Hillary Clinton during the concert.

“It’s funny. I always seem to go on these little tours during elections,” Streisand said before performing “Happy Days Are Here Again,” a song she has sung for three sitting presidents. “I hope, in a few months, the next President Clinton.

“We have to be proactive, vote for congressmen and a president who doesn’t believe climate change is a hoax.”

Her tour continues through the end of August before her next album, “Encore,” is released on Aug. 26.