Gingrich: Trump Has Been ‘Very Self-Destructive’

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Former Speaker of the House and onetime possible vice presidential choice Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that some of the things that Donald Trump has done recently have been “very self-destructive.”

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Gingrich said, “Trump is still behaving like as though it was the primaries and there were 17 candidates. He has not made the transition to being the potential president of the United States, which is a much tougher league. People are going to watch you every single day. They’re going to take everything they can out of context, and he is not yet performing at the level that you need to.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Refuses To Endorse Paul Ryan And John McCain)

Later, Gingrich said, that Trump is in a “slump” suggested that the Republican nominee has “thrown a series of interceptions in the last week that really do not bode well for his campaign.” (RELATED: Anti-Trump Father Of Muslim Soldier Wants Out Of The Spotlight, He Says In TV Interview [VIDEO])

[dcquiz] Referring to Trump’s failure to endorse both Sen. John McCain and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Gingrich added, “And let me just say flatly I am totally for John McCain, who is a great war hero and a terrific human being, who has worked very hard for veterans, and I’m totally for Paul Ryan, who is the heart of the House Republican Party and probably the most problem-solving leader we’ve had in the Congress on the Republican side, I think, in the last 20 years. So I think somewhat what Trump has done is just very self-destructive.” (RELATED: Obama: Trump Is ‘Unfit’ To Be President [VIDEO])

In the last week, Trump has faced widespread criticism for his handling of a Muslim Gold Star family.

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