GOP Congressman Confronts Democratic Campaign Tracker [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, who is running for his second term, confronted a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) tracker this week who had been video taping him at numerous sites.

The tracker followed Zeldin and his family to an annual three on three local basketball tournament in Long Island hosted by a local city councilman.

According to New York State GOP Chairman Ed Cox, Zeldin is the third New York Republican who has been tracked along with his family.

In a Facebook post with an accompanying video of the tracker he confronted, Zeldin writes:

“Welcome to my world… Can you believe Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee literally pay someone to stalk me wherever I go? Crazy stuff. I brought Diana and the girls with me Friday evening to Brookhaven Councilman Dan Panico’s annual 3 on 3 youth basketball challenge in Mastic Beach, which I have been playing in every year (not well by the way) and sure enough…look who shows up to follow me around with a video camera…Meet the Stalker…”

According to Zeldin’s office, he has had trackers through the years, but they “always showed up at debates and more formal settings. This year, as we are seeing in other parts of the state as well, they are redefining the limits and showing up anywhere that they can find the congressman, including community events. Here are some examples.”

The YouTube channel includes a community music concert where Zeldin honored a U.S. Olympian and presented a POW flag that was flown over the U.S Naval Station. The other event is a motorcycle run raising money for homeless veterans.

“I cannot be more emphatic in saying enough is enough to the Democrat’s completely inappropriate and aggressive ‘tracker’ tactics that involve filming children and the families of candidates for public office,” Chairman Cox said in a statement regarding the tracker.

“This is now the third known instance of paid Democratic staffers looking inside candidate’s homes, spying on them at family events and showing up at their place of work. Whether it’s the DCCC or State Democratic Party–who initially apologized for the behavior and returned the tapes–it is a pattern that needs to stop–now. Unless the individuals who ordered these intimidation tactics are fired, we will make sure every New York voter understands the slimy lengths they will go to try and win an election,” he added.

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