Iowa Parade Float Features Imprisoned Hillary Clinton Look-Alike

REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

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A parade in Arcadia, Iowa featured a float constructed as a prison cell with a Hillary Clinton look-alike locked up inside wearing an orange jumpsuit. Another man, dressed as Uncle Sam, led the float through the parade on a camouflaged four-wheeler.

Parade attendees were reportedly “laughing and cheering as the float rolled by.” The float’s builders also “handed out around 400 water balloons during the parade,” most of which were used on the Clinton impersonator, the Daily Times Herald reports.

The prison cell float was built atop a small trailer using fencing and barbed wire. A “Hillary For Prison” sign was attached to the side of the cell, just in case the message wasn’t already clear.

Three men pulled the stunt off in a parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the town’s fire department. Kyle Julin of Manilla, Iowa took credit for the idea, according to the Daily Times Herald. Julin and Josh Reetz built the float just days before the parade, and Adam Corky served as the Clinton impersonator.

None of the three are affiliated with any political organizations, the Daily Times Herald reports, and Reetz is actually a registered Democrat.

Craig Williams, chairman of the Carroll County Republicans, told the newspaper that his group “had nothing to do with the float,” although it did post photos of it on Facebook.

“I probably wouldn’t have done that myself,” Williams admitted, “but I can certainly understand some frustrations from people over all the illegal things (Clinton) has done.”