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Rep. Alan Grayson Is Officially Hiding From The Media

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Typically politicians want exposure when they’re running for office and pushing favorable platforms like increasing the paychecks of senior citizens — a potent constituency in the Sunshine State.

But Senate hopeful Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) is largely hiding from reporters.

As reported by Politico Florida Playbook writer Marc Caputo, Grayson is riding the “Hush-Hush” bus in his race for Senate and not revealing to members of the media just where he will be on his “Seniors Deserve a Raise” bus tour.

Grayson’s deputy campaign communications director Brook Hines said information would be released to reporters with “about” a day’s notice. “We’ve got trackers who’d like to follow us,” she said, sounding straight out of a Twilight movie.

This weirdness comes on the heels of that ugly dustup between Politico and Grayson last week when Grayson showed up to a Politico event in Philadelphia. The lawmaker flipped out when a reporter, Edward-Isaac Dovere, inquired about repeated domestic violence allegations involving Grayson’s ex-wife Lolita, who has been a political headache for the lawmaker.

The Mirror requested comment from Dovere about derailing the congressman’s otherwise completely normal press strategy. Dovere replied, “I’ll leave it to Grayson’s campaign to comment on their press policies.”

But on Twitter Wednesday morning, he discussed Grayson’s “Hush-Hush” bus tour.

Politico reporter Glenn Thrush joked, “Isaac Dovere, in the trail car, with radar.” Dovere said, “More accurate metaphor would be if he decided to ram into me on the highway.”

Grayson and Lolita were married for 25 years and have five S-named children — Skye, Sage, Stone, Star and Storm. The couple’s marriage was annulled last year after it was discovered that Lolita was already married when she married Grayson in 1994.

Grayson went nutso over the questions at the Politico event last week and wanted the reporter arrested, saying he’d shoved him. “You’re getting in my way, my friend,” Grayson said on a video captured by the publication. “You’re assaulting a member of Congress. You’re pushing me. Have this guy escorted out, please.”

No one made any sudden moves to leap on the reporter.

Dovere reminded Grayson that he’s an elected official. As such, in this solar system it’s entirely normal for a reporter to approach a lawmaker at an event.

Unfortunately for Grayson, the footage does not show the reporter assaulting him or even overly breathing in his direction.