Sharon Osbourne Breaks Down Talking About Ozzy’s ‘Sex Addiction’ Therapy [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Sharon Osbourne broke down talking about her husband Ozzy’s “sex addiction” therapy.

On Wednesday, on “The Talk” the 63-year-old talk show host and wife of the rocker became emotional and praised her husband for coming out about going to therapy for the last few months to deal with his “sex addiction.” (RELATED: Ozzy Osbourne Is Going To ‘Sex Addiction’ Therapy)


“He’s [been] going to outpatient for sex addiction for the last 3 months and after the [Black Sabbath] tour, he goes into inpatient for 3 months,” Osbourne said. “He’s working at it. It’s hard because it affects the whole family and it’s quite embarrassing to talk about.” (RELATED: Sharon Osbourne ‘Still Disgusted’ By Ozzy Osbourne)

“Drugs and drinking is more acceptable, I think,” she added. “But when it’s somebody who has a sex addiction, it’s more embarrassing. I am proud [Ozzy] has come out and admitted it finally.”

“It’s very very hard,”she continued. “Every person that comes in the room thinks, ‘Oh, don’t come in, he’s here.’ He should call Tiger Woods for some advice.”

At the end she thanked everyone on the show and her fans for their all their support.

“I don’t know what I would do without everyone here’s support,” she said. “It’s amazing, but it’s really hard to sit here. It’s hard when it’s happening to you this far into a relationship.”

“It’s been going for 6 years.”

In an interview with People magazine, the rocker shared that he was going to “intense therapy” for a sex addiction that has resulted in multiple affairs over the last six years, including one with Hollywood hair dresser, Michelle Pugh, that almost led to the end of his 33 year-marriage with Sharon.