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Wera Tools, founded in 1936, is known primarily for its world-class screwdrivers and memorable slogan, “Be A Tool Rebel.” But perhaps they should be known for more than just that. Their products get by far the best reviews I have ever seen on Amazon. Without fail, everything – the screwdrivers, the wrenches, the ratchets – are lauded as the best in class.

Today’s the day to get your hands on these popular tools. This day only, Wera has seven toolsets on sale, available for up to 53 percent off. These are the two biggest discounts of the bunch:

Joker Combination Wrench Set — 53 percent off

Usually $360, this 4.9-star wrench set is on sale today for $170.

You can save nearly $200 on this popular toolset today (Photo via Amazon)

You can save nearly $200 on this popular toolset today (Photo via Amazon)

Wera 05020013001 Joke Combination Wrench-Set, 11 Pieces on sale for $169.60

The reviews for this product are stellar. One customer calls them “the best wrenches you can buy today,” continuing:

It’s hard to tell someone who works on Ikea shelves and desks why one would need a set of wrenches like these. You could get a spanner wrench set from Tekton for a fraction of the price and most people would be perfectly satisfied with them. But if you are a DIY mechanic, or a shop mechanic, or anyone who might need to reach for a wrench on daily basis, then you need something that’s more versatile and saves you time. In walks Wera with their Joker wrench set. It is ironic because these wrenches are no joke. They mean serious business.

First, they are lighter than you’re average spanner wrench. Not a big deal but it makes a difference when you have to hold a bolt/nut up for several minutes. The ratcheting side also makes a big difference and although you can get cheaper ratcheting spanner wrenches, not all of them are built the same. The click is smooth and crisp and you get the feeling these will last a long time. You also get that feeling because they come with a lifetime warranty. The backing plate does two jobs.

One, it can hold a nut up and help keep the wrench in place of a bolt. Two, using the traditional six point socket, it can dig it’s teeth into the bolt or nut and provide extra grip to turn a stuck nut.

For some reason, when I try to use that benefit on say a oil drain plug, it doesn’t work as well and strips. Not every time, just a few case scenarios. In recall, it might be because some of those plugs have angled points. They’re also quite a bit thin. Nice for holding a long time…not so nice for torquing in a nut as it’s really painful on the hands. I also would have liked to have seen 20 and 24 mm wrenches in this set, at least the 24 because it’s so common. That is actually my biggest complaint against these wrenches. Otherwise, they are well worth the price tag. If you have the need for a brilliantly engineered wrench set, I don’t think I can recommend one more than this one right here.

Reviewer Robert Self says “the ratcheting tolerances in very tight places are a life saver and quality of wrenches are excellent. [A]lso the stopping shoulder on the open end wrench work well. [I] will purchase more products from [W]era if all their tools are this quality.”

Zyklop Ratchet Set 52 percent off

This 41-piece ratchet set normally costs $360, but is available today for just over $170. It has the extremely rare 5 out of 5 stars. Just think about that for a second.

Save almost $190 if you get this extremely popular ratchet set today (Photo via Amazon)

Save almost $190 if you get this extremely popular ratchet set today (Photo via Amazon)

Wera 8100 SA 2 Zyklop 1/4″ Metric Ratchet Set, 41-Pieces on sale for $172.03

You thought the wrench reviews are good? Every single review on this ratchet set gives it 5 stars. The comments are routinely of this nature: “Like many car guys, I have a thing for good tools. I’ve seen no better quality than Wera. Versatile ratchet design and the workmanship is superlative. This set is very compact as well and has a nice sturdy case.”

One customer calls them “the best tools I’ve ever owned.” Another laments the superiority of German-made equipment: “This is a very refined socket set. The fit and finish are much higher than Craftsman, truck brands, etc. This set makes other socket sets look and feel like chromed caveman clubs. Of course, you don’t need this high a quality tool to do the job, but it just feels good to use such a finely crafted tool. As much as I’d prefer to buy American, I wish we made stuff like this.”

The Rest of the Deals:

6-Piece Screwdriver Set45 percent off

8-Piece Joker Wrench Set45 percent off

43-Piece Zyklop 3/8″ Metric Ratchet Set39 percent off

26-Piece Zyklop Ratchet Set18 percent off

Phillips Bitholding Screwdriver with Bayonet Blade16 percent off

Every one of these toolsets is incredibly popular, as hundreds of regular folk recognize how reliable Wera tools are. The lowest-rated of the seven sets still gets a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars. The others include two 5-star-rated products, three 4.9-star products and one 4.8-star. Simply incredible. I know where I’m getting my tools from now on.

WATCH The Wera Tool Rebels:

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