Benghazi Widow: Hillary’s Testimony Was ‘Completely Unhinged’ [VIDEO]

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Dorothy Navarez-Woods, widow of Ty Woods, one of the Americans killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack, blasted Hillary Clinton arguing that during the former secretary of state’s testimony before Congress when she said “what difference does it make,” she was “completely unhinged.”

Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show on Thursday, Woods said, “To me, there’s a distinct difference between Ty and Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. That night, American lives were important, the most important thing … to Ty — hat’s how he felt — versus Hillary Clinton, who you know, couldn’t be bothered with it.”

Clinton “dismissed it. She thought of herself,” Woods said. “She thought of what that would look like. And that’s the fundamental difference. Whether or not there were wheels on the ground, on their way, you know, I can’t focus on that. That’s the DOD. That’s way above me. But you know, I am comforted in that I knew that Ty was where he wanted to be, and he did the best he could, and he saved American lives.”

Later in the interview, Woods said that when she met with Clinton, “she said ‘sorry,’ gave me a hug, and that was it.”

Adding, “She sat next to me and held my hands, and there weren’t very many words. It was just ‘sorry.’ It was emoted in her body language and her short words.”

Hewitt followed up, “Did she mention the video to you?”

“She did not. I know that there are other family members who have said that. I can’t attest to that, but I know that she did not to me,” Woods said. “And sometimes, I wonder if it’s because I had eight big Navy SEALs standing behind me and guys who also had worked with Ty from the agency. I don’t know. But she did not.”

Regarding Clinton’s overall response to the Benghazi attacks, Woods said, “She’s dismissive. It’s characteristic Clinton. It’s characteristic Obama. You know, let’s go ahead and sweep that under the rug. It doesn’t suit the narrative I’m trying to present about myself. And it’s time to move on. And while I understand she’s talking about the nation as a whole, you know, I can also extrapolate from that and say hey, you’re not telling me to move on. Nobody can tell me to move on. Nobody can tell me how to feel. Nobody can tell me how to think about it. So, you know, for someone in that position, I feel like sometimes, she says things so that her words are easily offensive.”

Later Woods said, “I think that Hillary Clinton is a very smart woman. She’s been playing this political game for a very long time. She doesn’t, I believe the only time she’s ever been completely unhinged was when she did have that comment in front of Congress, ‘what difference does it make?’ But any other time, you know, I think that she says things — they’re well thought. And you know, the fallout after that, whether it be big picture or small picture, pointed, personal or not, is intentional.”

Near the end of the interview, Hewitt asked Woods that as a veteran who has a relationship to the SEAL community, doe they have “confidence” in Clinton as commander in chief.

“No, they do not,” Woods replied.

“Men and women who serve our country because they volunteer, you know, they expect, and we at the very least should expect, that we will take care of them. We say we take care of their families at home, but when they are serving us in dangerous places, and they need help, we expect to go help them. They expect us to go help them. This instance, [Clinton] did not. And if she did this to these guys, she’s going to do it again. She did this to me, and I can say that I take it personally. I tell people, you know, I am a woman, I am a mother, I am an immigrant, I am a veteran. I am her demographic. She did this to me. She will do this again. I believe that. That is my personal opinion.”


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