11-Year Old Puts MSNBC Anchor In Her Place For Slanted Coverage [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Eleven-year-old Matthew Schricker, who has been plastered across TV screens and various websites since asking Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick Gov. Mike Pence a question at a campaign rally, shut down MSNBC’s Chris Jansing on Friday blasting her for how she was framing the story.

On “MSNBC Live,” Jansing began the interview asking, “Was that a question that you came up with, did your mom help you, and what did you think about his answer?”

“It was a question that I came up with,” Schricker replied. “And I was very satisfied by his answer. And it was not — I was not meaning for it to be hostile. As you said before, I was challenging him. No, I was not.”

“I was totally just asking him to see if he was — if Mr. Trump was approving. I was not trying to be mean to him or challenging him or trying to bait him like many websites who are saying I was grilling him. I was not doing anything to offend him or the Trump campaign,” Schricker said.

“Well, I think — actually, I meant it as a compliment that you asked a tough question, which was a good thing. I think — and he answered it to your satisfaction,” Jansing replied. “What was, though, behind that question? Did you have some concerns about whether he supported Donald Trump? Was that what was going on?”

“I have no doubt about how he supported Donald Trump. I was just a little worried about if he was just — if he was balancing the ticket or if he was kind of going — if he was kind of distancing himself from the Trump campaign. And I just wanted to see a little bit, it was kind of nagging on my mind a little bit as I kept reading each report. So I got a chance, and I said it out loud and he answered me.”


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