Hillary Nods Along As Obama Is Called ‘Deporter-In-Chief’ [VIDEO]

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton nodded along as Barack Obama was described as “deporter-in-chief” before promising to “fast-track” citizenship for illegal immigrants.

“President Obama, some call the ‘deporter-in-chief,'” a Telemundo reporter said to to a nodding Clinton. “How do you walk back the deportations? There are people who are not criminal who are deported daily from this country,” the reporter added. Clinton also nodded along to these comments, and illegal aliens by definition are criminals.

The Democratic nominee did not nod along when the reporter said that many Latinos believe they were taken for granted in 2008 and 2012.

“As I have said we are not going to be deporting hard working people and break up families,” Clinton said in response to the final question of how she won’t inherit the title of “deporter-in-chief.” “That will be how I direct the Department of Homeland Security to act.”

Clinton said that regarding passing immigration reform that “I’ve already talked to some of my former colleagues in the senate, this will be fast-tracked.”

“We already know what can pass the senate because it just happened a few years ago,” Clinton added in reference to the Gang of Eight immigration bill.

Clinton has repeatedly pledged to pass amnesty in her first 100 days of office and has said she will defend Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

“In her remarks today, Hillary Clinton pledged unconstitutional and illegal executive orders on immigration — assuming king-like powers for herself — that would give precious jobs and benefits needed by unemployed Americans to those illegally in the country,” Stephen Miller, senior adviser to Donald Trump, said in a statement Friday.