Rapper ‘Blac Youngsta’ FLIPS OUT on Walmart Employee After Getting Busted For Shoplifting [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc | Breaking News and Engagement Editor

Video surfaced Thursday of rapper Blac Youngsta belittling a Walmart employee after he was caught trying to shoplift a Twix bar.


In a video first obtained by World Star Hip Hop, Blac Youngsta films two women hiding their faces while he states, “she gone snitch on me for stealing a Twix.”

“How much money you make?” he asks one of the woman before laughing and calling her “broke ass” and “Walmart-workin’ ass.”

“Suck a dick and die!” he shouts while filming himself with his phone’s front-facing camera.

Halfway through the video, the footage flips to Black Youngsta filming himself in a car.

“Fuck these bitches, man!” he shouts. “Bitch told on me for stealing a fucking Twix, hoe!”

“Suck my Twix dick, doe!” he reiterates.

Blac Youngsta notes he has “family working at Walmart, but they don’t pay your ass to snitch.”

“They pay you to work and ring the motherfucking register, hoe! What the fuck wrong with you, bitch?”


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