CNN Host Slams Hannity: ‘Here’s How NOT To Interview Donald Trump’ [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show, took a big swipe at Fox News host Sean Hannity Sunday for his softball interview this week with Donald Trump, saying the way Hannity conducted the interview was exactly “how not to interview” the GOP presidential candidate.

Stelter was referencing Hannity’s question to Trump about his claim the election may be “rigged,” when Sean simply told Trump, “explain.”


“Here, let me show you how not to interview a candidate about something as serious as this,” Stelter introduced the segment. “This is Sean Hannity just handing Trump the mic.”

After playing the clip, in which Trump repeated his unsubstantiated claim with no follow-up from Hannity, Stelter returned with an outraged look on his face. “That’s it?!?” Stelter exclaimed. “If there were ever a time to extend an interview to challenge a candidate, that was the time. Don’t feed me baloney about Hannity’s show being only an hour long, that he might’ve run out of time. This interview was on tape. The producers should’ve kept it going, Hannity should’ve asked more questions.”

“Interviewers, even the ones that support the person they’re interviewing, have an obligation to probe further and push back when a candidate says something dangerous,” Stelter continued, “and this is dangerous. Suggesting an election is going to be stolen? This is third world dictatorship stuff.”

Hannity has come under intense criticism from conservatives for his support and even alleged fawning over Donald Trump, with many going so far as blaming Hannity, in part, for Trump’s rise.

For his part, Hannity has pushed back, saying if Trump loses it will be the fault of many Republicans and not the candidate himself.