College Student Tweets Plundering Of Trump Yard Sign, Promptly Gets Stalked [VIDEO]

Twitter video screenshots/Eggbert

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Boston University student Katia Checkwicz posted — then deleted — a video of herself stealing and destroying a pair of yard signs promoting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The video appeared on Checkwicz’s Twitter account on Aug. 4, according to Campus Reform.

“ICYMI: I ripped out two Trump signs from a random person’s lawn while they were home,” the student proudly wrote — adding three of those yellow emojis that are laughing so hard they are crying big blue tears.

Checkwicz then deleted the video after a subsequent Twitter uproar. However, Twitter user Eggbert sagaciously saved the incriminating 45-second video of the flagrant daytime theft.

Here it is:

Briefly, the video shows Checkwicz in her car talking to the camera. Then she pulls over to the yard, grabs the signs — a blue one and a red one. Next, she poses in a selfie with the signs. The last scene shows the signs crumpled at the bottom of a trashcan. An epilogue promises viewers that Checkwicz will keep the metal rods that once propped up the signs because they are “useful Af” — “as fuck” — for art.

The scene of the crime was a residential area in Springfield, Massachusetts — apparently Checkwicz’s hometown.

Initially, Checkwicz responded to the Twitter storm she created by telling other users she “did it as a laugh” and that her “parents thought it was hilarious.”

She said she wasn’t worried about any consequences. “I’ll just get fined,” she wrote.

Checkwicz also complained that she is “tired of people like me being served injustice daily” and that she said she wanted to annoy “white supremacists” who “love sitting comfortably in their privilege.”

Later, a slightly more contrite Checkwicz told Campus Reform her action was an “impulsive” prank. “I asked about it, and did it two minutes later without thinking anyone aside from my friends would care to see. I know it was wrong now, but people are tracking my phone number and address, and that’s just not okay.” (RELATED: SCIENCE: Your Campaign Yard Sign Has Very Little Effect)

In addition to deleting the video, Checkwicz appears to have deleted her swaggering tweets. She now says she will make “reparations” to the people missing their Trump signs. She urges random Twitter users to stop bothering her now.

On her Facebook page, Checkwicz identifies herself as a mechanical engineering major at Boston University.

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