High-KEA: YouTube Channel Features People Building Furniture On Acid [VIDEO]


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A new channel on YouTube dubbed “Hikea Productions” shows people who allegedly have taken LSD and attempt to build IKEA furniture.

In the first installment of what promises to be a very hilarious channel, Giancarlo and Nicole try to put together a small dresser. Giancarlo tells viewers he has taken acid several times, while Nicole is trying it for the first time.

“Good color choice, guys,” Giancarlo notes of the generically bland white dresser.

Things start off … well, no they don’t.


Barely having started building the dresser, they are already unable to contain their laughter. After hammering some wooden connectors with surgical precision and piecing together just a few pieces, Giancarlo starts questioning the existential nature of humanity and decides more pressing matters need his attention — like looking out the window.

“It’s a neutrality of any emotion. It’s just…it is. It’s there,” Giancarlo philosophizes.

Nicole then decides that her purple hair is much more fascinating than assembling cheap furniture.

They eventually, sort of, complete the dresser, and decide to “go outside and play.” They gallivant to the local park and swing on monkey bars, swing on swings and go down the slide. Sadly, the video ends there. But an awesome new trend may have been started.

Social media thanks you brave warriors for your service, Giancarlo and Nicole. Neil Armstrong would be proud.

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