Michael Phelps’ Death Stare Burns Through Social Media

Dan Chaison Reporter
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Twitter is on fire after 19-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps was caught Monday with a stone cold mean mug while sitting next to his South African opponent, Chad le Clos.

Le Clos appeared on NBC’s ready room footage shadow boxing just inches from Phelps as they awaited the 200-meter butterfly swim semi-final. Unmoved by Clos, a hooded Phelps looked on, firm as a statue.

Phelps’ game face drew praise from NBC’s commentators covering the moment who were more interested in the locker room than the event.

“I could watch this all night! Let’s just leave the camera in [the ready room],” they said.

The episode immediately sparked a reaction from Twitter users who decided to have some fun with it:

You can watch the whole video here:

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