Harvard Professor: Don’t You Worry, Radical Muslim Terror Threats Are Totally ‘Exaggerated’

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Harvard psychology professor — and celebrated pop shrinkSteven Pinker has advised the Western world not to worry about the ever-increasing number of deadly acts of terrorism committed by radical Muslims.

Terror threats are “exaggerated,” Pinker said. “Due to the publicity that terrorist attacks generate, it seems like a completely rational fear to be afraid of a terrorist attack when, in reality, it should not be. It is a mistake to allow terrorism to dominate foreign policy on a global agenda.”

Pinker originally made his comments in June in an interview with The European — which bills itself as “the debate magazine.”

The Huffington Post chose to reprint the interview this week — which is weird because, in the period since Pinker promised that terror fears are overblown, Muslim terrorists have slaughtered some 160 people in the United States and Western Europe.

“Comparing the two halves of the 20th century though shows you that there is a clear trend toward humanism,” Pinker told The European, citing the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and no fewer than two sets of United Nations goals as evidence.

“Threats such as Boko Haram and ISIS” are “exaggerated,” Pinker declared.

“In terms of everyday terrorism, the harm is the reaction,” the fancypants Harvard professor instructed. “Keep in mind that 97 percent of all terrorist agendas end in failure, so it isn’t even a successful mode of achievement.”

Pinker did not elaborate on the exclusive data set which allows him alone to discern that “97 percent of all terrorist agendas end in failure.”

He did note that virtually all of the wars currently happening around the world feature radical Muslims bent on destruction.

“Currently, it is estimated that 10 out of the 11 wars have radical Islamist forces on one side,” he said.

Pinker argued, however, that — long, long ago — “Christian nations” engaged in “awful conquest.”

Did he criticize “the atrocities committed by, say, the Crusades” — which generally failed and which ended about 500 years ago? Yes!

Almost immediately after condemning the “awful conquest” by Western European states, Pinker suggested that “the beneficial trends over the past century” — virtually all of them instituted by modern Western nations — “have not yet penetrated the Islamic world.”

“We have made fantastic progress in human flourishing despite setbacks in Russia and Turkey,” Pinker said.

“We have wars, but there is also ordinary crime and institutional violence. If you don’t live in a war zone, it is far more likely that you are killed by homicide than through any other way, so all discussion about violence must keep ordinary crime in mind.”

Western Europe has seen nine terror attacks since November 2015 — and seven since the beginning of this July. Muslim terrorists have massacred over 100 people in half a dozen cities in France and Germany since July 14, 2016.

Since 2015, Muslim terrorists have killed 68 people in the United States. During the same period, an additional 17 Americans were slaughtered by radical black nationalist Micah Xavier Johnson, psycho white supremacist Dylann Roof and Robert L. Dear, a philandering, woman-beating evangelical Christian with a gambling problem.

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