Howard Dean Pushes Hillary’s Lies About Emails In MSNBC Interview [VIDEO]

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Howard Dean said on Wednesday said that Hillary Clinton did not send classified information via email while secretary of state, in direct contradiction to FBI Director James Comey’s congressional testimony.

“MSNBC Live” host Stephanie Ruhle asked Dean, “How has this latest email story not another contradiction from what Hillary Clinton has said in the past that we’re going to be a clear line between her State Department and the foundation? This was a concern before she even became secretary of state.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK’d Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill’s Pocket)

“Well, I think we probably need to take a look and see what was said. It doesn’t sound to me like this is any different business than every administration has done,” Dean answered. “People are always — the issue is not that somebody asked somebody to be placed in a job. That happens in both Republican and Democratic administrations routinely. The question is did they get the job. And if so, what was the quid pro quo? So I think we have a long way to go before we figure out if this is significant. It turns out that nothing so far has been significant.” (RELATED: Clinton Donor Appointed To State Dept. Advisory Board Isn’t Listed On Agency’s Website With Other Ex-Members)

Dean went on to claim, “Director Comey said that there was no compromise of national intelligence, there was no classified information, that Hillary Clinton was truthful.” (VIDEO: Comey Confirms Hillary Clinton Lied To The Public About Her Emails)

Last week, CNN’s Jake Tapper made a video disproving that Clinton was truthful in her interview with Fox News’s Chris Wallace. According to Comey, there was classified information in Clinton’s emails. (VIDEO: CNN’s Tapper Calls Out Clinton For Email Lies: You’re Not Entitled ‘To Your Own Facts’)

“Again, my suspicion is this is just another right-wing Judicial Watch kind of document dump. But let’s see. We’re willing to certainly look at it openly and figure it out,” Dean said. (VIDEO: Hillary, Chris Wallace Spar Over Her Classified Emails)

Ruhle then asked Dean if Comey would have to answer the question about whether or not the Clinton Foundation was being investigated by the FBI. (RELATED: Emails Show Big-Time Clinton Donor Directly Asked To Be Placed On State Dept. Arms Control Panel)

Dean said, “Again, without actually seeing the emails, which of course I haven’t done, I don’t know what the answer to that question is. But again, this is, you know — what about people’s jobs, what about health care, what about education, what about the defense of the United States of America?”

“I mean, the reason we have these things is because people on the right and people who like Donald Trump keep raising these issues because they have no other issues they want to talk about. They don’t know anything about jobs or defense or education. All they can do is try to whack Hillary. I’m not terribly sympathetic with that approach to running for president.”

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