Jon Voight Is Tired Of Trump Haters [VIDEO]

(Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Variety)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jon Voight is tired of Donald Trump haters and just wants everyone to knock it off, especially since the “Second Amendment people” comment

“All these things are being blown way out of proportion,” the 77-year old actor told TMZ in a strong defense of the Republican presidential nominee. (RELATED: Jon Voight Endorses Trump: ‘He Will Not Let Us Down’)


“People are trying to make him look foolish,” Voight said. “He’s a terrific guy, I know him personally.”

“He’s got a good sense of humor,” he added.” He’s off the cuff. He’s a lot of fun.” (RELATED: Jon Voight In Talks With Trump Camp To Help Take Down Hillary Clinton)

When the interviewer pressed him further on whether Trump needs to apologize for the “Second Amendment” comment in reference to Hillary Clinton he defended the nominee vigorously.

“First of all nobody made…you’re using that word [assassinate],” he said. “He didn’t say that word, don’t do that. Don’t distort what he said. Listen, he’s fooling around.”

“He’s being attacked continuously and they are taking apart everything he does,” he added. “He made a wonderful speech yesterday. Everybody should sit down and listen to that speech, because it’s full of substance and tells you what the problems are and how to answer those problems.”

Voight endorsed Trump back in March and has offered to help the campaign take down Hillary Clinton.