Analyst: Comey Didn’t Charge Hillary Because He Was Looking Out For His Career

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman said Wednesday that FBI Director James Comey did not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton because “the Democrats would have blocked him from any future appointment.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom,” Klayman blasted the Clintons, arguing that they are “perhaps the most corrupt couple — I call them the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics — ever to have occupied the White House and now they want to do it again. The United States is at great risk.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK’d Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill’s Pocket)

Host Bill Hemmer followed up, “James Comey, FBI director, declined to answer when he was asked whether or not the Clinton Foundation was being investigated. Is it or not?”

“I don’t know whether it is or not. You know, James Comey, I’ve worked with him on some cases. He is a nice man, but I believe he didn’t do what he had to do there,” Klayman replied.

“Frankly if he had recommended prosecution against Mrs. Clinton, the Democrats would have blocked him from any future appointment. He is a political animal, his term at the FBI will end, and I believe that he basically was looking at his own interest and not the United States. And I regret to say that, and I think people have lost confidence in the FBI.”

Hemmer replied, “That’s a strong statement. That’s what you are saying about James Comey?”

Klyaman responded, “Correct.”

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